Package jmslexamples

Class Summary
AnimationApplet An animation canvas is repainted 10 times a second.
BehavioralColDemo Two jobs stuffed into a SequentialCollection, then launched.
BesselDemo Graph integer order Bessel functions, superimposed on one canvas.
EventDistributionsDemo Nick Didkovsky Sept.
GrainMaker Generate a CSound score file using statistical distributions of grains read from input sound file Example of one line of output: ; ins strt dur amp skip atk rel pan i1 0 0.01 .5 0 .0025 .0025 0.5 Assumes a CSound orc file like the following, where "aiff\marimba.aif" is the source for grains and has length 0.126 sec.
JavaSoundMidiAppletExample Play a self-modifying MusicShape with a JMSL MidiInstrument using MidiIO_JavaSound as MusicDevice

JavaSound Midi applet notes, Windows XP Applets using JavaSound MIDI ( javax.sound.midi ) will not work using the standard Sun Java plugin distribution.
KeyboardInstrumentPlayer Play an Instrument by typing in a TextArea.
ParallelMidiShapes Control the speed of a ParallelCollection.
PluginScannerExample Scans a folder named "jmsl_plugins" which must be in the CLASSPATH.
RawJScoreImportDemo Read a URL that points to a raw JScore input text file.
ScoreExportSAPDemo Export a JScore to a TextArea in San Andreas Press's SCORE file format
Enter notes into the score, then select menu Score -> Export -> San Andreas Score and see output in TextArea
TestJMSLScrollbar awt's Scrollbar is weird - unreliable behavior...
TestPortViewScrollbar The com.didkovsky.portview scrollbar can be either awt or Swing compatible depending on the ViewFactory
TextJob A MusicJob subclass that has a drawing canvas on which it can draw messages.