Package jmslexamples.jsyn

Class Summary
AlgorithmicTimbreDemo VERY IMPORTANT EXAMPLE FOR JMSL/JSyn interaction!!!! Create a MusicShape with an Instrument that controls the various input ports on some JSyn SynthNote.
AlgorithmicTimbreScoreDemo Generate a JMSL Score algorithmically.
AnimationAppletWithSound Extends AnimationApplet in jmslexamples substituting MusicJob "scripts" that move the characters around while also making sound.
DataTranslatorDemo Alter performance data non-destructively using DataTranslator Play a MusicShape with chromatic pitches.
DataTranslatorVectorDemo Chain multiple DataTranslators together in a sequence.
DimensionNameSpaceEditorExample This class has a double[] that can be edited by a DimensionNameSpaceEditPanel
EventDistributionsJSynDemo Launch a MusicJob whose performance density is generated by a Myhill Distribution.
EventDistributionsJSynDemoWithScore Launch a MusicJob whose performance density is generated by a Myhill Distribution.
FMNoodler FMNoodler noodles around with the frequency and modulation parameters of an FM pair.
FrequencyDataTranslatorDemo Use a DataTranslator to convert data from frequencies to pitches so JSynInsFromClassName can use a MusicShape where frequnecies are specified.
FullFeaturedSynthNoteSupport Full featured example of using JSyn SynthNote to play in JMSL.
JScoreJSynDemo Score with a JSyn instrument orchestra
JScoreOofDemo This applet generates pitches using JMSL's 1/F sequence generator.
JSynMIDIPlayer Play a JSyn with MIDI .
LoadJScoreURL Load a score from a URL Use com.softsynth.jmsl.score.util.JMSLScoreApplet !!!
MonoTimbralScoreDemo Score with a JSyn instrument orchestra
PitchGliss Use instrument.update() to gliss pitch This is a little unusual because JMSL by default uses the pitch dimension to retrieve allocated voices when ins.update() is called.
PlayLurkingArpeggiatorExample Use a PlayLurker to listen in on elements of a MusicShape being played.
PlayLurkingJSynInstrument This behaves just like a SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument playing a com.softsynth.jsyn.circuits.FilteredSawtoothBL, adding the PlayLurker interface so that it can be notified of elements being played by other objects.
PlayModShape Shows how to play JSyn with JMSL without using support classs like SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument and without using standard dimension name spaces This applet starts two Shapes in parallel.
PolyTimbralScoreDemo Score with a SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument orchestra
Double click on a note to edit its timbre
This instrument takes a SynthNote class name and max voices in its constructor, and will make each input port editable
QueueCollectionDemo Play shapes by adding them to a queue.
QueueCollectionDrumBeats Use QueueCollection to queue up three different drum beats interactively.
SeqGenDemo Play various sequences.
SignalProcessingExampleChanges Play a melody with a MusicsShape.
SignalProcessingExampleNoChanges Play a melody with a MusicsShape.
SignalProcessingScore Demonstrates how a JMSL Score can have one instrument in one staff apply signal processing to the output of other instrument(s) on other staff/ves Here two instruments (FilteredSawtoothBL and RingModBell) are bussed to an instrument with an interpolating delay line.
SignalProcessingScore2 Signal Processing JMSL Score example Staff 1 performs signal processing on staff 0 Play a rich resonant drone in staff 1 Band Pass filter in staff 2 Notice that pitches of bandpass "melody" are fractional, and are mapped onto the frequency of the filter
SimpleSynthNoteSupport Simple example of using JSyn SynthNote to play in JMSL.
SimpleTimbralEvolution This examples shows how to use Instrument on(), update() and off() to start a sound, update its timbre over time, then shut it down.
Speedy Control the playback speed of a ParallelCollection of MusicJobs that play JSyn Instruments using timeStretch

Also shows how to manage data as frequencies and use com.softsynth.jmsl.util.FrequencyToPitchTranslator to convert to pitch right before handing double[] to Instrument which expect pitch
SpeedySynthNote For Speedy example
SquareSineSawSynthNote This SynthNote has three outputs: output, output2, and output3 each with one part.
ThreeOutputSynthNoteApplet Demonstrates JMSL support for SynthNotes with more than one SynthOutput defined.
TimbralControlApplet Demonstrates continuous control by JMSL over JSyn synth parameters.
VirtualKeyboard Use checkboxes as virtual keys for any tuning.