Class DataTranslatorVector

  extended by java.util.AbstractCollection
      extended by java.util.AbstractList
          extended by java.util.Vector
              extended by com.softsynth.jmsl.util.DataTranslatorVector
All Implemented Interfaces:
DataTranslator,, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable, java.util.Collection, java.util.List, java.util.RandomAccess

public class DataTranslatorVector
extends java.util.Vector
implements DataTranslator

A Vector of DataTranslator. Add/remove DataTranslators to this. translate() runs through them in the sequence they were added

Nick Didkovsky, email:, (c) 2003 Nick Didkovsky, all rights reserved.
See Also:
DataTranslatorVectorDemo, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 double[] translate(MusicJob job, double[] data)
          Enumerate through DataTranslators, calling translate() on each, feeding output of one in as input to the next
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Constructor Detail


public DataTranslatorVector()
Method Detail


public double[] translate(MusicJob job,
                          double[] data)
Enumerate through DataTranslators, calling translate() on each, feeding output of one in as input to the next

Specified by:
translate in interface DataTranslator