Interface DataTranslator

All Known Implementing Classes:
DataTranslatorVector, FrequencyToPitchTranslator

public interface DataTranslator

MusicJob and all subclasses have a DataTranslator field (which by default is NULL). DataTranslator converts one array of double to another array of double.

MusicJob does not by default do anything with its DataTranslator, but you can call it by hand and use it as you like.

MusicShape hardcodes this however: for each element, it calls DataTranslator.translate() , then calls DimensionNameSpaceTranslator.translate(), then passes the result to its Instrument.

Your implementation should return a copy of the double[] passed in to ensure non-destructive translation. For example:

 double[] newdar = new double[data.length];
 System.arraycopy(data, 0, newdar, 0, data.length);
A reference to the MusicJob is provided in case your Translator wants to know from where it was called.

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See Also:
DataTranslatorVector, DataTranslatorDemo

Method Summary
 double[] translate(MusicJob job, double[] data)

Method Detail


double[] translate(MusicJob job,
                   double[] data)