Package com.softsynth.jmsl.score.transcribe

Interface Summary
TranscriberListener Classes implementing this interface can be added to a list of TranscriberListeners in a com.softsynth.jmsl.score.transcribe.Transcriber.

Class Summary
BeatDivision This class handles one beat of music events.
BeatDivisionList This class holds a collection of candidate BeatDivision's competing for a particular beat of a particular measure.
BeatDivisionScheme This class specifies a unique division of a beat (triplet, quintuplet, etc).
BeatDivisionSchemeList This class holds a static Vector of BeatDivisionSchemes, which are valid for the entire piece under examination.
HeuristicSearch Search through a MeasureBeatDivisions object for the minimum cost path.
MeasureBeatDivisions Holds a BeatDivisionList for each beat of an entire measure.
MeasureExtractor Given a source MusicShape where dimension 0 stores absolute times for events (as opposed to relative durations), pull out a subset of the MusicShape that fall within a measure's time window.
RestsToTiedNotes Scan through the notes of a score, and extend notes whose hold times extend beyond their beat across a run of rests
SearchPath A vector of BeatDivisions that asserts a solution for transcribing the events within one measure.
SearchPathList Manage a list of competing SearchPaths.
SearchPathNoteMaker Build a Vector of Note from a SearchPath.
TempoTimeSignatureHolder Build a Vector of these objects for the transcriber to set up the framework for a score into which it should transcribe
TiedNoteAccumulator Collect the durations of runs of tied notes into a leading note.
TimePoint Stores the indexes of the MusicShape that fall closest to the timepoint.
TranscribeMidiFile Load a type 1 MidiFile into a ParallelCollection and transcribe a score from it
Transcriber Notate a MusicShape.

Exception Summary