Package com.softsynth.jmsl.score.transforms

Class Summary
AccidentalPreferenceTransform Set preferred accidental for selected Notes.
AltEnharmonicSpellingToggleTransform Toggle a note between using alternate enharmonic spelling or not
AmplitudeTransform Change amplitude of selected notes.
BeamTransform Beam/unbeam selected Notes.
CrescTransform (De)Cresce/un(De)cresc selected Notes.
DotTransform Cycle through setting 0, 1, 2 dots on Notes in Selection Buffer.
DoubleTransform Double duration of selected notes.
DurationTransform Set all durations to specified core duration
DynamicTransform Change dynamic value of Notes in Selection Buffer.
HalveTransform Cut duration of selected notes in half.
HoldTransform Change hold (sustain time) of selected notes based on a ratio to its duration.
LyricLevelTransform Set the Y offset of the text of the note to a constant level below the staff
MarkTransform Change Expression Mark of all Notes in Selection Buffer.
OctavaTransform 8va/8vb selected Notes.
RestToggleTransform Toggle a note between rest and pitch
RetrogradeTransform UnaryCopyBufferTransform.
ScrambleTransform UnaryCopyBufferTransform.
SlurTransform Slur/Unslur selected Notes.
TieTransform Tie/untie selected Notes.
TranspositionTransform Transpose pitch of Notes in Selection Buffer.
TupletTransform Change tuplet info of Notes in Selection Buffer.
ZipperTransform ZipperTransform.