Package com.softsynth.jmsl.jsyn.circuits

Class Summary
AutopanningSawtooth This code automatically generated by Wire and hand-edited to rationalize the two part (stereo) output.
BandPassSynthNote Signal processing.
BrassSynthNote 6/05 added SynthContext
FilteredSawtoothExpLag Hand this classname to a SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument and play with it.
FilteredWhiteNoise WARNING - this code automatically generated by Wire.
FMCircuit FM SynthNote.
FMSynthNote A FM pair SynthNote with envelopes for car amplitude and mod amplitude.
FrequencyDelay * WARNING - this code automatically generated by Wire.
LineInSynthNote Monophonic LineIn SynthNote with an envelope to turn incoming signal on and off Built in Wire and exported.
SimpleDelay Signal Processing SynthNote.
SynthNoteWithDurationPort WARNING - this code automatically generated by Wire.
SynthNoteWithHoldPort This SynthNote has the "hold" input inversely mapped to the frequency of a squarewvae that modulates the frequency of a carrier osc.
VariableRateSampleReader Sample playback with amplitude envelopes.
Warbler Signal processing SynthNote.