Package com.softsynth.jmsl.jsyn

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AllocatorFreeEvent This event can be posted in the future to free a SynthCircuit allocated by a jsyn.util.VoiceAllocator
For example, in a JMSL Instrument's play() method, you could post a free() the same JMSL time as a noteOff(), by calling freeVoice() NOTE: Scheduled playTime is JMSL time! But free() time is int JSyn time!!!
Not used by any JMSL classes.
Brass FM Brass JSyn Instrument
BussedVoiceAllocatorMultiOut JSyn VoiceAllocator for SynthNotes whose output has one or more parts.
BVAClassName VoiceAllocator for JSyn SynthNote whose output has one or more parts.
FaderUnit This SynthCircuit manages a pannable input.
FreqSynthNoteInstrument A JMSL Instrument that plays a JSyn SynthNote.
JSynInsFromClassName Create a JSyn Instrument by passing in the classname of a SynthNote Has optional SynthContext field to pass to its allocator for making SynthCircuits under a specified context
JSynMixer JSynMixer, accomodates JSynInstruments with any number of parts in their getOutput().
JSynMusicDevice MusicDevice for JSyn.
PVUsageDisplay JSyn UsageDisplay panel that is both Swing and AWT compatible.
RingMod Automatically generated source.
SampleInstrumentKeyMapPanel Panel that provides a sample browser button, and tone generator mapped to a pitch and a tuning, and a button to sound the sample
SampleInstrumentMapperPanel Provide a Panel to map soundfiles on to pitches.
SampleLoader Load SynthSamples from a file or from a URL.
SampleLoopRegioner Pulls cues from a sample and builds a SampleRegion.
SignalProcessingSynthNotePruner Hand it a Vector of fully qualified JSyn SynthNote classnames, and build two Vectors: one vector containing those classnames with input ports (ie.
SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument A JMSL Instrument that plays SynthSamples, mapped to integer pitch values.
SimpleSamplePlayingInstrumentWithLoops This class is not used directly.
SuperNoiseSwoop Automatically generated source.
SynthClock SynthClock to allow use of JSyn timers with JMSL
SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument Create an Instrument by passing in the classname of a SynthNote.
SynthNoteAllPortsInstrumentSP SignalProcessing Instrument.
SynthNoteDimensionNameSpace Create a DimensionNameSpace from the ports of a JSyn SynthNote.
SynthNoteInstrument A polyphonic Instrument that plays notes with a JSyn SynthNote.
TransposingSamplePlayingInstrument A JMSL Instrument that loads a sequence of monophonic SynthSamples.
TransposingSampleSustainingInstrument A JMSL Instrument that loads a sequence of monophonic SynthSamples.
TunedSynthNoteInstrument A JMSL Instrument that plays a JSyn SynthNote.
Only difference between this and superclass FreqSynthNoteInstrument is that dimension 1 of this is pitch, not frequency Optional constructor passes in a BussedVoiceAllocator to make this polyphonic.
WAVRecorderPanel GUI for WAV recorder.