JMSL Tutorial: JScore
Building your own JScore instrument, part 3


JSyn Instruments

JSyn is a music synthesis toolkit written in Java. JMSL Score can use sounds built in JSyn with SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument (see SynthNoteAllPortsInstrument tutorial) . This is done directly in JScore (no programming required).

The SynthNote could be

  • a prefabricated SynthNote (like the ones included with the JSyn distribution)
  • one you have coded by hand or,
  • one you have designed in Wire (Phil Burk's graphical patch editor for JSyn)

    We will use a prefabricated SynthNote that comes with JSyn, called FilteredSawtoothBL.

    1. From the menu in the applet, create a new Orchestra by selecting Orchestra -> New Orchestra
    2. Import a SynthNote by selecting Orchestra -> JSyn -> Import JSyn SynthNote A dialog pops up with the default FilteredSawtoothBL in a TextField, as seen below.

    3. import synth note dialog
    4. Click OK. You will see a JSyn mixer panel pop up. Enter some notes in the top staff and you will hear the melody performed by your new instrument. If you enter chords, you will notice that it is polyphonic.
    5. Double click on a note and up pops an editor.  You can set the values for each SynthInput for this note using this dialog.


    Next we will design a SynthNote by hand and use it in JMSL Score.

    applet source

    You need a Java enabled browser.
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