JMSL Tutorial: JScore
Building your own JScore instrument, part 4

Designing a SynthNote by hand

In the previous tutorial we saw that importing a predefined SynthNote into JScore was a one-step task (just type in the class name and listen to it!).

In this tutorial, we will design a SynthNote from scratch, and load it into JScore. Our task breaks down as follows:

The SynthNote

We designed a SynthNote that it uses a simple amplitude envelope. We define Stage 0 (noteOn) to queue up the attack portion of the envelope, and loop the sustain portion of the envelope. Stage 1 (noteOff) queues the release frame of the envelope. If any this JSyn discussion is confusing, we highly recommend that you review the JSyn tutorial.

You can test the SynthNote in the applet below. Click stage 0 to hear "note on", click stage 1 to hear "note off".

Next we will see how to load this sound into JScore.

SynthNote source
applet source

You need a Java enabled browser.
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