JMSL Tutorial: JScore
Building your own JScore instrument, part 2



You need to write no Java code at all to play MIDI from JMSL Score. You can create a Midi instrument directly from the JMSL Score Orchestra Menu.  Then edit, change its name, and set its midi program change and midi channel values to the values you want.

We will use the JMSL Score API to create a new Orchestra, add a MidiScoreInstrument to it, and add some notes to a staff.  We will use JavaSound Midi to try this.  This will *not* work in all browsers.  You need a Java 1.2+ plugin, and you need a soundbank (called properly installed.  The path to the soundbank should be PATH_TO_JAVA_PLUGIN/lib/audio/  You may have to make the "audio" directory manually and install the soundbank manually.  You can download a soundbank of your choice at  Notes for Windows XP are here.
You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet. 

Source for this applet is here
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