Package com.softsynth.jmsl.midi

Interface Summary
Any class that wishes to receive notification of Midi input events must implement this interface and register itself with MidiParser.

For example:

Class Summary
DefaultMidiListener MidiListener that prints incoming Midi messages to JMSL.out

LabelMidiListener MidiListener that sets text on Label of incoming Midi messages
See MidiParser
MidiDimensionNameSpace MidiDimensionNameSpace is a singleton and cannot be instantiated.
MidiInstrument An Instrument that outputs MIDI.
MidiIO Abstract class that provides access to a MIDI device.
MidiIO_JavaSound Uses Sun's JavaSound package to provide MIDI output.
MidiIO_MidiPort Uses Robert Marsanyi's jmidi package (MidiPort) to provide MIDI access.
MidiIO_MidiPortLegacy Uses Robert Marsanyi's jmidi package to provide MIDI access.
MidiIO_MidiShare Uses grame.midishare package to provide MIDI access.
MidiListenerAdapter MidiListener with do-nothing stubs.
MidiLogger Log all midi events that flow through MidiIO, except Sysex.
MidiMixer This Mixer accepts MidiInstrument and sends Midi pan and Midi volume change on their midi channels
MidiNoteRecorder MusicShape that logs Midi noteon's to a 3 dimensional MusicShape (timestamp, note, vel)
NoteOff's are logged at noteOn's with vel 0 See MidiParser
This class parses a Midi input stream.