JMSL Tutorial: Player

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use a Player is to be able to play the same MusicShape with different Instruments and Interpreters.

In this applet, we demonstrate two Players, each with the same MusicShape. One Player uses an Interpreter that prints the MusicShape data to JMSL.out (SimplePrintingInterpreter in JMSL's util package), while the other interprets it as RGB color values, changing the background color of the applet itself. The latter effect uses AppletColorInterpreter, which was defined in Instrument Tutorial #5

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View the source for this applet here.

We leave you with the reminder that Player extends SequentialCollection. This affords you the opportunity to setBehavior(), and launch a Player's MusicShapes in either a random sequence, or in an algorithmically or environmentally-influenced order, using a custom BehaviorFunction.
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