Class ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator

  extended by com.softsynth.jmsl.util.ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator
All Implemented Interfaces:
Namable, MusicShapeEditorOperator

public class ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator
extends java.lang.Object
implements MusicShapeEditorOperator

transpose and scale selected range of MusicShape by (v2 / v3) or (v3 / v2)

Nick Didkovsky,

Constructor Summary
ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator(boolean flip)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getName()
 void operate(MusicShapeEditor se, MusicShape s)
          scale by v2 / v3 or v3 / v2 depending on boolean flip value No scaling if denom==0
 void setName(java.lang.String n)
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Constructor Detail


public ScaleMusicShapeEditorOperator(boolean flip)
Method Detail


public void operate(MusicShapeEditor se,
                    MusicShape s)
scale by v2 / v3 or v3 / v2 depending on boolean flip value No scaling if denom==0
        if (se.getRangeStartIndex() != -1 && se.getRangeEndIndex() != -1
                && Limits.within(se.getDimension(), 0, s.dimension() - 1)) {
            double numer = se.getV2();
            double denom = se.getV3();
            double scaler = 1;
            if (flip && numer != 0) {
                scaler = denom / numer;
            } else if (!flip && denom != 0) {
                scaler = numer / denom;
            s.scale(scaler, se.getRangeStartIndex(), se.getRangeEndIndex(), se.getDimension());

Specified by:
operate in interface MusicShapeEditorOperator


public java.lang.String getName()
Specified by:
getName in interface Namable


public void setName(java.lang.String n)
Specified by:
setName in interface Namable