Interface HandleSpecialXMLTag

All Known Implementing Classes:
CelloSampleIns, CelloSampleSustainingIns, FunkyBean, MaxInstrument, SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument, SimpleSamplePlayingInstrumentWithAmplitudeMap, SimpleSamplePlayingInstrumentWithLoops, SupoveVox, TransposingSamplePlayingInstrument, TransposingSamplePlayingInstrumentWithAmplitudeMap, TransposingSampleSustainingInstrument, TransposingSampleSustainingInstrumentWithAmplitudeMap

public interface HandleSpecialXMLTag

An Object that implements this interface can define a method to handle XML tags that fall outside of the simple bean model of attribute/value pair. For example, multiple pitch soundfilename pairs. When SimpleXMLLoader executes beginElement(), it first checks to see if the object it is currently populating implements this interface. If it does, it offers the tag to the method which returns tru eif it handles it If the object does not implement this interface or if the handleSpecialTag() returns false, SimpleXMLLoader handles the tag as a bean attribute/value pair

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Method Summary
 boolean handleSpecialTag(java.lang.String tag, java.util.Hashtable attributes)
 void writeSpecialXMLTags( out)
          Write special tags out that do not conform to get/set bean model.

Method Detail


boolean handleSpecialTag(java.lang.String tag,
                         java.util.Hashtable attributes)
true if this tag is recognized as special, false if the object permits normal bean model to handle attribute/value pairs


void writeSpecialXMLTags( out)
Write special tags out that do not conform to get/set bean model. Called by SimpleXMLSaver.writeXML() for objects that implement this interface