Interface PlayLurker

All Known Implementing Classes:
LurkerTest, MusicShapeEditor, NoteFlasher, PlayLurkingJSynInstrument, QuietPlayLurkingInstrument, ScoreMusicShapeEditor

public interface PlayLurker

A PlayLurker can add itself to subclasses of MusicJob and will be notified when a child is play()'ed. MusicList, MusicShape, ParallelCollection, SequentialCollection, and QueueCollection can have PlayLurkers added to them, and will call notifyPlayLurker() as they tick through their children.

For example, MusicShapeEditor makes use of this interface, using it to draw the vertical tracker line as a MusicShape is played.

Method Summary
 void notifyPlayLurker(double playTime, MusicJob list, int index)

Method Detail


void notifyPlayLurker(double playTime,
                      MusicJob list,
                      int index)