Interface Behavior

All Known Implementing Classes:
ScoreCollectionBehavior, UniformRandomBehavior

public interface Behavior
Any class implementing this interface can be plugged into a SequentialCollection and used to choose which child to launch when the SequentialCollection is acting behaviorally.

A SequentialCollection can either launch all its children in strict sequential order, or it can choose which child to launch every repeat.

To act behaviorally, set its behavior function with setBehavior(Behavior b). To act sequentially, setBehavior(null).

Example of a simple behavior function follows:

// Chooses one child with uniformly random distribution
public Composable choose(SequentialCollection col) {
                return (Composable)col.get(JMSLRandom.choose(col.size()));

Phil Burk and Nick Didkovsky

Method Summary
 Composable choose(SequentialCollection col)
          choose a child to launch

Method Detail


Composable choose(SequentialCollection col)
choose a child to launch

next Composable child to launch