Java Music Specification Language
Download and licensing

JMSL enables programmers to create Java applications and Applets that uses the JMSL API. It includes compiled classes, example programs and programmer guides.

JMSL ships in one fully functional version, complete with docs, example code, etc.
You may download and request a 30 day evaluation license. If you already have a license and just need the latest version, get it here.

When you purchase JMSL, you will receive a developer's license via email.
When you receive your license, double click on JMSL_License_Installer.jar (included in this distribution), and browse to where you saved the license on your hard drive.


  1. Individual License - As a licensed user, you will have highest priority for technical support.
  2. Academic or Commercial Site Licenses - provide license for groups at a discount.
  3. OEM Licenses - for developers who wish to redistribute JMSL components with their products, or use JMSL on large commercial websites. Contact sales

Download JMSL and request a free 30 day evaluation license

The download contains everything you need to develop JMSL programs for non-commercial use subject to the license described below, for 30 days. You may download JMSL and use it freely for developing software or music for non-commercial purposes, or for evaluation. But in order to use JMSL after your trial period, you need to purchase a license.

Plain Text Summary of the SDK License:

  1. Use of this software implies acceptance of the full text of the SDK License Agreement.
  2. You may download JMSL and use it freely for developing software or music for non-commercial purposes.
  3. Music created using JMSL may be freely performed in public and freely redistributed in non-executable form, for example AIFF, WAV, MP3 files or Audio CDs.
  4. Registered Developers who have paid the license fee may publish Java Applets that use JMSL on a non-commercial web site, or a small-scale commercial web-site with gross annual revenues less than US$20,000.00
  5. JMSL, in whole or in part, may NOT be redistributed by any means. It may only be downloaded from  The Customer may not directly link to non-HTML, binary or archive files on the website, or place JMSL on their own site. You may not distribute JMSL libraries or classes without a Redistribution License. Please contact "" if you wish to purchase a Redistribution License.
  6. JMSL is provided on an "as is" basis without any warranty of any kind, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and their equivalents under the laws of any jurisdiction.
Copyright 1997-2001 Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk