Class SupoveVox

  extended by com.softsynth.jmsl.InstrumentAdapter
      extended by com.softsynth.jmsl.jsyn.SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument
          extended by jmsltutorial.SupoveVox
All Implemented Interfaces:
Editable, Instrument, Namable, OutputProvider, Transposable, AttributeBuildable, DirectorySettable, HandleSpecialXMLTag

public class SupoveVox
extends SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument

A subclass of SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument which maps pitches to sound files. Copy and rename this example, change the buildFromAttributes() method. This Instrument was used by ND to compose Rama Broom, a homicidal fantasy for solo piano and voice for Kathleen Supove

Nick Didkovsky, copyright 2000 Nick Didkovsky, all rights reserved

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
SupoveVox(java.lang.String sampleDirectory)
Method Summary
 void buildFromAttributes()
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          Create an instance of this class and write it out as an XML file
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Constructor Detail


public SupoveVox()


public SupoveVox(java.lang.String sampleDirectory)
Method Detail


public void buildFromAttributes()
Specified by:
buildFromAttributes in interface AttributeBuildable
buildFromAttributes in class SimpleSamplePlayingInstrument


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Create an instance of this class and write it out as an XML file