JMSL Tutorial: Equal Tempered Tuning

JMSL defines an abstract Tuning class with subclasses TuningET and TuningTable. This applet demonstrates the TuningET class. An equal tempered tuning is defined by:
  • reference frequency (for example 261.62Hz for middle C)
  • reference pitch (the pitch to correspond to the reference frequency, say 60 for middle C)
  • steps per octave (12 for western European music)
  • octave stretch in cents (the number of cents that each octave is stretched beyond a 2:1 ratio)

    This applet plays a MusicShape with a sine instrument. You can specify a triad by entering new interval values. You can also specify the parameters that change the tuning and hear the differences.

    You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet. 
    See complete applet source here.
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      (C) 2004 Phil Burk and Nick Didkovsky, All Rights Reserved
      JMSL is based upon HMSL (C) Phil Burk, Larry Polansky and David Rosenboom.