JMSL Tutorial: Plug-ins

JMSL has powerful tools that scan the CLASSPATH for plug-in classes the user can create. For example, when JScore is used as a standalone (by running ScoreFrame), and it is launched with a folder named "jmsl_plugins" in its classpath, it will automatically scan the classes it finds there. Classes it finds are sorted out into the following groups and made available in menus:
When you or a third party developer creates a subclass of one of the categories above, you must drag that class along with its directory structure into your jmsl_plugins folder. ScoreFrame will find it.
IMPORTANT: this means if the class is in a package named "acme", then you must drag the "acme" folder and the .class file inside it, into the jmsl_plugins folder

NOTE: When you run JMSLScriptMaker.jar (which ships with JMSL), it will create a script that launches ScoreFrame with jmsl_plugins in its path. It also creates a script which will compile any .java files it finds in your Wire patches directory, and place the resulting .class files in jmsl_plugins.

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