JMSL Tutorial: Player

Sometimes it is reasonable or at least overwhelmingly sensible to perform a series of MusicShapes all with the same Instrument.

For example, a piece may be 100 measures long, and meant to be performed by Drum Machine. After setting up one Instrument to perform the work (a MidiInstrument, for example, sending on channel 10), it would be convenient to have a unique MusicShape represent each measure. These measures should then be performed in sequence from the first to the last, using the same Instrument.

At other times, it frees your creative soul to build a few MusicShapes and have them performed in the same piece, perhaps at the same time, but with different Instruments and Interpreters.

For example, the same motif performed by a noisy JSyn Instrument, heard in parallel with a squeeky clean Midi clarinet Instrument.

JMSL's Player class allows for these kinds of structures and convenient behaviors.

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