JMSL Tutorial: JSyn and JMSL, playing a SynthNote designed in Wire

In the previous tutorial, we handed the class name of a stock SynthNote (one that ships with JSyn) to JSynInsFromClassName.  In this tutorial, we design one of our own SynthNote in Wire.  Note that you must own a JSyn developer's license to unlock the export Java source code feature in Wire.

IMPORTANT: A SynthNote, by definition, must have a "frequency" and an "amplitude" input port. JMSL's use of SynthNote assumes you follow this convention, so you must use this exact spelling. Of course you may name your other input ports anything you like.

We will build a one-oscillator SynthNote with an amplitude envelope.  The second frame of the envelope will be the sustain point.

envelope with sustain frame
Synth Note patch in Wire
top patch with line out

Here is a variation on our previous applet, using the new sound.

You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet. 
See complete applet source here. Note that there's hardly any code since we inherit from the previous applet.
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