JMSL Tutorial: Collections

Finally, we want to point out that ParallelCollection and SequentialCollection are both subclasses of MusicJob. As such, each can be customized with PlayListeners plugged in with addStartPlayable(), addRepeatPlayable(), and addStopPlayable().

Collections can therefore be enabled with autonomous, intelligent behavior, building themselves on-the-fly and altering their own behavior during their lifetime.

The applet below simply has the Collection print a message when it starts, repeats, and stops. Of course, it could do much more interesting things, like change the behavior of its children, generate data, plug in custom functions, etc.

You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet.

You can examine the source code for this applet here.

Note that the Playable plugged in with addRepeatPlayable() will occur after the children are launched (ie the first time it happens will be when the first round of children are finished). This is evident by examining the messages printed in the TextArea above.

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