JMSL SequenceGenerator Demo

JMSL provides several classes that implement the interface SequenceGenerator. These objects generate a sequence of integers that can be used as pitches or other parameters in an algorithmic composition.
The generators shown in this example are:
  • Random - even distribution of random numbers
    RandomWalk - next number is at a random offset from previous
    HailStone - next = ((previous&1)==0) ? ((previous/2)+1) : ((previous*3)-5);
  • Try selecting the HailStone sequence then click on the numbers in the grid to select various patterns that start with that number. Number 23 is one of my favorites. You can "jam" by clicking rapidly in the 40's and 50's.

    source code
    This applet uses pure Java JSyn (no plug-in required)

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    * (C) 1998 Phil Burk