JMSL QueueCollection Demo

Besides parallel and sequential collections, JMSL also provides a QueueCollection. It plays the first child in the queue and then removes it. More children can be added while the QueueCollection is playing. The last child in the queue will be played repeatedly until you add a "null" to the queue.
How to use this demo:
  • Queue - adds a reference to the original shape to the queue.

  • Queue Clone - clones a copy of the shape and adds it to the queue.

  • Randomize - generate a random ascending melody. Only affects original shape, not clones.

  • Reverse - reverse the notes in the original shape.

  • Suggestion: hit Queue and QueueClone back and forth several times to get them in the queue. Then hit Reverse to reverse only the original shape, not the clones. Notice the difference when they play.

    source code
    This applet uses pure Java JSyn (no plug-in required)

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