JMSL Signal Processing Score

You can load a JMSL Score composition into an applet (like this one) from a URL.  JMSL Score now supports signal processing instruments. Instruments can be patched into other instruments who process their signals.

This short piece was algorithmically generated (somewhat inspired by Neil Rolnick's "ReRebong" for Gamelan Son Of Lion and delay unit, see Neil's CD Macedonian Air Drumming).

Here two instruments (FilteredSawtoothBL and RingModBell) are bussed to an interpolating delay line instrument. Different notes in the delaying instrument have different values for feedback and delay time, so you will hear delay and feedback values change. The SynthNote implementing the delay has SynthInput port named "input"; this allows it to be wrapped up as a SignalProcessingInstrument.  When JMSL Score scans for plugins, it inspects all SynthNotes it finds.  Those with "input" ports can be directly imported into a Score and patched.

Note that a JSynSignalProcessingInstrument is a "polyphonic" signal processor, so you can create a chord where each note has different delay/feedback values (as is the case in this piece).

To see the parameter values of a note, select it and then choose from the menu: Edit -> Edit Selected Notes

For Neil Rolnick, copyright (c) 2002, Didkovsky/Punos Music (BMI)

This applet uses pure Java JSyn (no plug-in required)

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