JMSL Score Applet

You can load a JMSL Score composition into an applet like this one. You can deploy your composition without programming any Java at all.  Just follow the example of this page's source (see applet tag).

This short piece, "Miserable Sinner Mated", is one of 15 movements of a suite composed by Nick Didkovsky for Meridian Arts Ensemble.  The suite is entitled Slim In Beaten Dreamers, and was commissioned by Meridian Arts Ensemble and supported by grants from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust with support from Harvestworks. Slim In Beaten Dreamers was premiered by Meridian Arts Ensemble at the June in Buffalo Festival on June 7, 2002

This applet demonstrates that sample playing instruments can be used in a JMSL Score (sound files loaded from server).  Brass instruments are simple two-oscillator FM synthesis.  Drum set are samples.

Miserable Sinner Mated copyright (c) 2000, Didkovsky/Punos Music (BMI)

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