JScore Applet

You can load a JScore composition into an applet like this one.  Create your composition on your local machine, then upload to your server.

As opposed to the general Midi model, where the player tries to find an instrument close to the intended one, people visiting your JScore applet will hear your composition exactly the way you composed it.  This is because JScore is playing JSyn instruments over which you have timbral control.

This short piece was composed by Nick Didkovsky, and uses a number of timbral variations of custom-designed Jsyn patches.  Not only will you be able to hear the piece the way the composer heard it (including timbre, mix, and panning), but you can play with the piece, edit and rearrange it yourself in your browser!

JSyn_piece_1 copyright (c) 2001, Didkovsky/Punos Music (BMI)

Uses pure Java version of JSyn
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