JSyn is a real-time software synthesis API written in Java by Phil Burk. JSyn outputs CD quality 16 bit stereo sound from synthesis circuits the programmer designs in Java. JSyn applications can run in a Web Browser like this one, and as stand-alone applications.

JMSL is a Java API for experiments in interactive performance, composition, and intelligent instrument design. With JMSL, the composer/programmer can create stand-alone musical applications or deploy applets on the web. JMSL supports JSyn, MidiShare, MidiPort, and JavaSound. Visit http://www.algomusic.com

This piece contains a number of auditory illusions, best monitored with headphones.
You need a Java-enabled browser to view this applet.
* JMSL (C) 1997-2002 Nick Didkovsky and Phil Burk, visit http://www.algomusic.com
* JSyn (C) 1997 Phil Burk, visit http://www.softsynth.com

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