Class AutopanningSawtooth

  extended by java.util.Observable
      extended by com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthObject
          extended by com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthSound
              extended by com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthCircuit
                  extended by com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthNote
                      extended by com.softsynth.jmsl.jsyn.circuits.AutopanningSawtooth

public class AutopanningSawtooth
extends com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthNote

This code automatically generated by Wire and hand-edited to rationalize the two part (stereo) output. Wire is available from: This SynthNote has a two-part output, and autopans a SawtoothOscillatorBL between them. Uses RedNoise to control autopanning. Import this into a JMSL Score to demonstrate

Nick Didkovsky Sep 2003

Field Summary
 com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthInput panRate
          frequency of rednoise that controls autopanning
Fields inherited from class com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthNote
amplitude, frequency
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Constructor Summary
AutopanningSawtooth(com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthContext synthContext)
Method Summary
 void setStage(int time, int stage)
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note, noteOff, noteOn, noteOnFor
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Field Detail


public com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthInput panRate
frequency of rednoise that controls autopanning

Constructor Detail


public AutopanningSawtooth()


public AutopanningSawtooth(com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthContext synthContext)
Method Detail


public void setStage(int time,
                     int stage)
setStage in class com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthSound